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From kevin seguin <>
Subject ajp13 and tomcat 4
Date Wed, 09 May 2001 13:45:38 GMT
so, i guess the essence of this message is, what might be a short-term
plan for having ajp13 support in tomcat 4?

i have done some preliminary work, creating an ajp13 connector for tc 4,
which for the most part works.  

long term, i think part of this code will live in
jakarta-tomcat-connectors, and hopefully it will use some classes that i
had to remove (i.e. MessageBytes) from some other place (i don't know if
things like this will live in commons, or some tomcat-toolkit

in the short term, what would people think about adding ajp13 connector
support directly into tomcat 4 until the discussion around
jakarta-tomcat-connectors, common utility stuff that can be refactored
out of the tomcat 3.x base, etc., can be hashed out?


btw, the reason i'm so interested in this because i want to make the
switch from tc3 to tc4, but i *have* to have connector support for iis
and netscape before i can do that :)

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