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From "Mark.Abbott" <>
Subject Re: [PROPOSAL Tomcat 4.x] Cluster
Date Wed, 02 May 2001 16:48:13 GMT
I would think that, if it already existed, the API described by
the new JSR 107
would be strongly considered as the basis for a distributed session
manager.  Any design made now ought to have an eye on going over to that
API in the future.  Perhaps that merely means that a new Manager
implementation could be made in the future.

This does not reflect either way on your suggestion for using MulticastSocket
and a Cluster abstraction. 


Bip Thelin wrote:
> I started looking at how to implement a DistributedManager and as I see it the
> best way to do this is to use MulticastSocket. So I started to look at how to
> implement it using MulticastSocket and started thinking about including that in
> a Cluster package. So you configure a <Cluster> package from within Server.xml
> The Cluster package joins a Cluster group(Multicast group) and have a defined
> set of methods/interfaces to communicate with each other. These clusters could
> then be used to implement in memory session replication, aka. Distributed sessions.
> What we would gain from this in the future is that we can hook in different things
> that uses the Cluster, for doing weighted load balancing and other stuff.
> I started writing some initial stubs and interfaces on how this could work, I
> don't just want to commit it without having ventilated it here first. Maybe
> this is a shitty idea to begin with.
>         ..bip

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