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From Bip Thelin <>
Subject [PROPOSAL Tomcat 4.x] Cluster
Date Wed, 02 May 2001 04:46:47 GMT
I started looking at how to implement a DistributedManager and as I see it the
best way to do this is to use MulticastSocket. So I started to look at how to
implement it using MulticastSocket and started thinking about including that in
a Cluster package. So you configure a <Cluster> package from within Server.xml
The Cluster package joins a Cluster group(Multicast group) and have a defined
set of methods/interfaces to communicate with each other. These clusters could
then be used to implement in memory session replication, aka. Distributed sessions.

What we would gain from this in the future is that we can hook in different things
that uses the Cluster, for doing weighted load balancing and other stuff.

I started writing some initial stubs and interfaces on how this could work, I
don't just want to commit it without having ventilated it here first. Maybe
this is a shitty idea to begin with.


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