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From Thomas Riemer <>
Subject "core"
Date Tue, 01 May 2001 12:30:22 GMT
In several different places the tomcat project uses a directory named
"core".   "core" in the UNIX
world signifies a core dump usually caused by segmentation fault.
Could I offer an alternative
to "core", perhaps "coreobj" or "prime" or "heart"?

The name clash can be frustrating - many oses out of the box come with
cleanup scripts that remove
"core" files on a regular bases, including subdirectories in tomcat

You have no idea how disconcerting it is to discover that something you
compiled one day, and you
know you didn't touch now doesn't compile.    While I'm fully aware that
its the OSes fault - let me suggest
the proposition that if happens to me - its real likely to happen to
someone else - the solution seems relatively
easy to implement - change the name "core" to something else.

I think this might prevent some frustration for someone else.


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