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From GOMEZ Henri <>
Subject RE: configure for jakarta-tomcat-connectors
Date Thu, 17 May 2001 12:25:31 GMT
>> Error - it shouldn't be in common...

Are you sure ?

in jk_jni_worker there is a jni_worker_factory() which is 
referenced in jk_worker_list.h which is used to determine
workers in jk_worker.c (get_factory_for).

If jk_jni_worker is removed from common, it should be also
removed from the list of know workers (in jk_worker_list.h)
or mod_jk will have to be built with ../common/*.c and ../jni/*.c ?

Thansk to clarify

>But it should be in jni.

Are yo
>> jk_jni_worker uses JNI to start tomcat in the same process with
>> Apache(2.0) or IIS/NES and uses in-process calls instead of TCP/IP.
>That means it should be configured for apache with configure 
>--with-apxs=path_to_apxs --with-java-home=path_to_java_home correct?
>Does someone knows how to guess OS_TYPE? That is for "-I$(JAVA_INCLUDE)

Not easy with configure but libtool seems to have that :)

>> It should be the fastest - but it's the hardest to debug, 
>and it hasn't
>> been tunned too much. ( it is similar with the NES servlet container,
>> which runs in-process too, or with mod_perl/mod_php  ).
>> Costin
>+++ CUT +++

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