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From GOMEZ Henri <>
Subject RE: configure for jakarta-tomcat-connectors
Date Mon, 14 May 2001 17:59:28 GMT
>I have started a and makefile(s).in for the

Thanks great works :!

>Currently I have just prepared it for Apache2.0 and Apache1.3, 
>before going on I
>have some questions:
>- The idea is to have one in
>jakarta-tomcat-connectors/jk/src/native and a for 
>each supported
>WebServer. Does it sound Ok?

Seems good, since users could go directly to their preferred
web-server. I saw no advantage to try to resolv in a top
configure all the case (AP1.3/2.0/IIS/NES)...

>- Should I already think of using APR? - Just that some of my 
>plateform are not
>(yet) supported and I am reluctant of adding more #idef in the code -

If your platform are not supported and that #ifdef could help, let's
go. And maybe to avoid #ifdef USE_APR in all the code, we could create 
1/2 C wrapper files ?

>- What should I do with the other WebServers (netscape, jni etc)?

netscape and jni will need support. May be Cosin could take a look
at JNI since he play with it, but there is an open position for a 
NETSCAPE USER/DEV. But in each cache what about providing skeleton ?

>The assumes that the Apache connectors sub-directories are
>apache-1.3 and apache-2.0. I think that more consistant with 

I'll fix that ASAP..

>Please, have a look to the attached files and make comments :=) 

Thanks again.

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