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From GOMEZ Henri <>
Subject RE: [PROPOSAL AJP14] AJP13 Evolution
Date Tue, 08 May 2001 22:04:20 GMT
>I have the following idea:
>JServ has a nice feature "ApJServManual off", the mod_jserv 
>starts the JVM and
>check via pings messages that is goes on running. It would be 
>nice to put the
>feature in AJP14.
>JkStartTomcat path_name server_conf_name time_out

A feature asked by many JServ users which may be easy to add.
Why not ....

>path_name is a path to a C wrapper like catalina.c (C version 
>server_conf_name is the well known server.xml file.
>time_out a value in second to allow Tomcat to start.
>I have the problem that the webserver have to read the 
>server.xml file to find
>the port it should use to connect to Tomcat. - The port used 
>in the server.xml
>file should not be changed before the webserver gets the connection -

The web-server could use the default port (8010 ?) or we could add
it in JkStartTomcat :

JkStartTomcat path_name server_conf_name time_out ajp14port

>GOMEZ Henri wrote:
>> Hi to all,
>> You could find attached a proposal of evolution to
>> the current Apache JServ Protocol version 1.3,
>> also known as ajp13.
>> Let start the comments, questions, remarks cycle.....
>> PS : I've not cover here the full protocol but only the add-on
>>      from ajp13.
>> -
>> Henri Gomez                 ___[_]____
>> EMAIL :        (. .)
>> PGP KEY : 697ECEDD    ...oOOo..(_)..oOOo...
>> PGP Fingerprint : 9DF8 1EA8 ED53 2F39 DC9B 904A 364F 80E6
>>                  Name: AJPv14.txt
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