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From GOMEZ Henri <>
Subject RE: About bug#208
Date Mon, 07 May 2001 20:54:21 GMT
>> According to the JavaDoc for ServletRequest.getRemoteHost()
>> Returns the fully qualified name of the client that sent the 
>request, or the
>> IP address of the client if the name cannot be determined. For HTTP
>> servlets, same as the value of the CGI variable REMOTE_HOST.
>> Based on that I would say that both implementations are 
>wrong, you should
>> never get an empty or a null value back.

That will be fixed ASAP. In TC 3.2.2, I'm not sure if the CVS
is still open (imminent release)

>Agreed.  You should get either a host name or an IP address (in string
>>  I would also argue strongly
>> against having tomcat do any reverse DNS look ups.  If the web server
>> doesn't tell us the remote host name just use the IP address.
>That works for the web-connected case.  If you're running Tomcat
>stand-alone you need to be able to do the lookup.  In 4.0, that is only
>done if the web app actually calls getRemoteHost(), so you 
>don't pay the
>performance hit unless you ask for it.

The DNS lookup must be done somewhere, and for example well-configured
Apache HTTP servers didn't do the DNS lookup. So the RemoteHostName
will not be passed in ajp12/ajp13. The job must be done by the 
servlet engine. It's the case in TC 3.2 for the HTTP connector.
I'll modify the code accordingly.

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