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From GOMEZ Henri <>
Subject RE: [PROPOSAL AJP14] AJP13 Evolution
Date Mon, 07 May 2001 14:41:40 GMT
>Lots of good stuff.  A few ideas/possibilities:

Happy to see you allready read it Dan :)

> 1) We've talked about specifying a response packet to 
>indicate that the
>engine (or the web server) doesn't recognize a packet sent 
>over.  This would
>allow us much more flexiblity to add packet types to ajpv14, 
>without having
>to make ajpv15,16, etc.  

Could you develop ?

> 2) What about specifying a separate, out of band control socket
>connection?  If the web server opened up two connections, 1 
>for data, one
>for control, then we could have much better communication from 
>the engine to
>the server (if it was shutting down contexts, for example).  
>We could also
>have a heartbeat without interfering with the data channel.

Good idea, but how could we be sure that we'll have only
one control channel to a given servlet engine ?

In multi-threaded environnement like Apache 2.0, it's easy to
launch a thread to handle that, but in Apache 1.3 will have no
others choice than having each child (forked) opening it's 
own control connection since each child is forked and so have
it's own copy of 'servlet-engine infos

But I like this approach of splitting data and control.....

>GOMEZ Henri wrote:
>> Hi to all,
>> You could find attached a proposal of evolution to
>> the current Apache JServ Protocol version 1.3,
>> also known as ajp13.
>> Let start the comments, questions, remarks cycle.....
>> PS : I've not cover here the full protocol but only the add-on
>>      from ajp13.
>> -
>> Henri Gomez                 ___[_]____
>> EMAIL :        (. .)
>> PGP KEY : 697ECEDD    ...oOOo..(_)..oOOo...
>> PGP Fingerprint : 9DF8 1EA8 ED53 2F39 DC9B 904A 364F 80E6
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>Dan Milstein //

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