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From Mel Martinez <>
Subject Re: New CVS Repositories
Date Wed, 09 May 2001 16:48:27 GMT
Hi folks,

Once again, I must apologize for my recent lack of
participation.  I've been traveling quite a bit (house
hunting - it is official, we'll be moving to the
greater boston area.) and so I have not been able to
keep up with the list except in spurts.

I've just now managed to catch up with all of the
discussion on this.  Craig did check with me via side
mail before starting the proposal and I was and am in
agreement with it.

Just a bit of comment...

--- "Craig R. McClanahan" <> wrote:
> Per our discussion today, I have created two new CVS
> repositories
> associated with the Tomcat subproject:
>   jakarta-tomcat-connectors    For development of
> web connectors
>                                for various versions
> of Tomcat.
>   jakarta-tomcat-jasper        For development of a
> next generation
>                                Jasper (JSP)
> implementation.

I'm not sure if the proper repository name for a
servlet-engine-independent version of Jasper (which is
a primary goal of the jasper34 refactoring) should be
'jakarta-tomcat-jasper'.  Why not just

Also, regardless of the name, we will need to make it
clear to folks that the above repositories are
developmental for now and that users should continue
to use the tc3 and tc4 specific versions of Jasper
that are included in those respective repositories.

Regarding collaboration:  This is open source.  Let's
stop espousing on the exact reasons or motivations on
why anything is done by anybody.  Different folks have
very legitimate reasons for doing what they are doing.
 Otherwise, they would either not do them or they will
fail and stop doing it.  Thus, there are very good
reasons to continue support and development of not
only tc3.3 but also tc3.2, just like hundreds of other
open source projects, some quite obscure.  I am not
going to list my reasons, but they have been (and
still are) compelling to me and folks should just
accept that.  If this was not open source, and their
were corporate cost/benefit considerations, then
participation in a project might be questioned.  But
this is not, so it shouldn't be.  

In order to work together, we simply have to agree
(VOTE) on the objectives of a project and do it.  The
primary objective here is that we will develop a
version of Jasper that is independent of either
version of tomcat and that it will be extendable to
support JSP 1.2 spec (and hopefully beyond).  I'm not
going to worry too much on why other folks are
contributing towards those objectives.  And if other
folks are contributing towards other objectives (i.e.
projects) that I don't care about, I'm going to assume
they have their reasons.

Okay, I'm off my soap-box.

I will try to stay involved with this effort as much
as possible, but the truth is I am going to be deathly
busy with the move up north over the next few weeks. 
When I started the jasper34 proposal I did not
anticipate making such dramatic career/life changes so
soon.  Please be patient with me.  :-)  Or better yet,
feel free to run with your own ideas from what I
started.  I'll be glad to play catch up as soon as I
get my situation under control.  There is definitely
going to be an extended 'down' period though, during
which I will probably not have a development system



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