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From Mel Martinez <>
Subject Re: Jasper34: runtime
Date Wed, 02 May 2001 01:11:52 GMT

I'm sorry I've been unresponsive the last week or so. 
The Damn Job Hunt(tm) has kept me busy what with
traveling all over the place doing interviews.  'Still
not final and anything can happen, but it looks more
and more likely that we'll be moving to New England!

Also, I've had to change my dev setup from NT to a new
Linux box that I have just setup.  'Still not
completely back up and ready to do development yet.

Gawd - if we do move, I really fear moving my network!

--- wrote:
> Hi Mel,
> I noticed you used jakarta-tomcat/src/jasper34 for
> your protoype classes.
> If you don't mind, I would like to move them in
> proposals/jasper34/xxxx,
> and keep the work in jasper34 in the experimental
> area until it's ready.

That is perfectly fine with me.  I agree it makes more
sense.   Q: Is there any mileage in submitting the
Together model?  Probably not.

> I'll do a small commit - I did a refactoring for the
> runtime ( 1.1 so far,
> I'm working on 1.2 ). 
> What I'm trying to do is:
> - group the runtime components, make sure it has no
> dependencies on 
> compiler or other external classes
> - identify a "ContainerLiaison" that will be
> implemented either in 
> JspServlet or in a container-specific class that
> will integrate jasper.
> The runtime will be visible in the webapplication
> classpath ( either 
> provided by tomcat, or included in WEB-INF/lib if
> you want to use JspC and
> deploy in a foreign, non-jasper-based container ).
> This is a major change versus the previous model,
> where jasper used
> directly some tomcat utils ( or cut&pasted utils in
> 4.0). 
> So far, the container services used by the runtime
> are:
> - logging
> - localization ( string manager )
> - pools
> A default implementation of the liaiason will use
> the current utils, but
> we should be able to set the actual impl. at config
> time ( for example 
> set Log4J as logger, a special pool, etc ). The
> actual configuration will
> be done by either JspServlet, or a
> container-specific module.
> ( the code generator is more complex, we need more
> discussions before
> changing - I'll try to have something working as a
> start point ) 

These are all good things and mesh with where I'd like
to go as well.  I should be able to get a big chunk of
time to work more on this on Thursday.  After that, it
will be another week due to more travels (house
hunting, etc.), but I should also be able to get a big
chunk of time on it in the middle of next week as



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