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From (Jonathan Pierce)
Subject Loading Libraries from Tomcat lib folder
Date Fri, 18 May 2001 13:53:35 GMT
In tomcat-3.2.2b5 and earlier, the tomcat.bat and have inconsistent
behavior as loads all files in the tomcat lib folder and tomcat.bat
only loads the ones with .jar extension. I think they should be changed to
behave consistently so lib files don't need to be renamed when added to the lib
folder on Windows.

The line in tomcat.bat should probably be changed from *.jar to *.* unless the
spec says otherwise in which case the line in should be changed to be


for %%i in (%TOMCAT_HOME%\lib\*.jar) do call %TOMCAT_HOME%\bin\cpappend.bat %%i


for %%i in (%TOMCAT_HOME%\lib\*.*) do call %TOMCAT_HOME%\bin\cpappend.bat %%i

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