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From "Carlos Gaston Alvarez" <>
Subject RE: Jasper performance
Date Thu, 17 May 2001 11:51:07 GMT
    I dont know if I really understood. You (some) are thinking to compile a
jsp using xslt. I didnt know that that was possible. I mean, can a jsp be
loaded as a dom object? I think that it cannot because a nice guy can write
some code like <% out.writeln("</html>"); %> and that is, it is not more xml
compliant. (please tellme if I am wrong).
    If the problem is the compilation time I can hardly believe that we can
do something faster that a java compiler. Not because we dont have the
skill, but because there are groups working in this kind of implementations.
We should be blindly proud to think out compiler would be faster than
theirs. Also, I consider that a waste of time.
    Let me do some guessing. I know, I should be reading the code, but I
have been realy overloaded for the last months. Lets see if I have
understood the problem.
    Saving a file for compilation is slow. So we need a faster solution.
But, why is it slow?
    It sounds like we are saving the .java in file and then invoking a
javacc process. The new process needs loads the compiler classes, compiles
them (?) and then compiles our .java source.
    If we could have the compiler just loaded on our own memory space, we
could invoke it saving the loading compiling (?) time. We could also send
the .java 'file' in memory and expect the .class 'file' also in memory.
    Yes, may be we need some modifications in the compiler, but as part of
the apache project we are at a good position for asking it an having a good



ps: sorry for doing so much guessing but next month I will have much more

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