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From "xuemei" <>
Subject Re: windows 2K + IIS 5.0 + cgi program + HTTP connection Keep Alive doesn't work
Date Thu, 24 May 2001 18:04:31 GMT
Hi, Scott

Sorry to bother you again.

I've runned more tests, and found that for *.html files connection is kept
alive, while for
cgi program, it always close connection. Even when I just change my cgi
program name
with .html extension, connection becomes alive though the displayed content
is in a mess.

I've tried a simple html file and a cgi program which just produce the same
html file.
The *.html file works fine(I mean connection keeps alive) while not the cgi

Also I found that in the HTTP GET header by Inetnet Explorer there is one:
If-None-Match: some random value here, and in the reply by IIS there is a
ETag: same value as in If-None-Match.  Are such headers defined in HTTP 1.0
or 1.1?
Related to connection problem?

Thanks in advance!


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