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From "Amy Roh" <>
Subject Re: CGI perl on Windows
Date Thu, 24 May 2001 04:31:41 GMT
Kevin, thanks for the suggestion.  However, the association is already set
up.  I'm using the same ActivePerl from ActiveState.  All my perl files with
.pl have a little yellow cute symbols which mean the association is there


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From: "kevin seguin" <>
To: <>
Sent: Wednesday, May 23, 2001 8:26 PM
Subject: Re: CGI perl on Windows

> i would guess the problems you are running into are related to .pl file
> types not being associated with the perl executable.  what distribution
> of perl are you using?  it's been a while... but the last time i
> installed perl on windows, i used the active state dist
> ( and i believe the installer set up the
> association.  generally, perl dist's on windows have at the very least a
> script that will set up this association.  i suppose you could also
> create the association yourself, by right-clicking on a .pl file,
> selecting "Open with...", then selecting the perl exe and checking the
> "Always use this program to open these files" checkbox.
> Amy Roh wrote:
> >
> > Was anyone able to run CGI perl scripts on Windows via Apache
> > successfully?  I couldn't get it to work even though I have perl
> > interpreter installed on my windows machine.  I can run perl scripts
> > fine on command line but not through CGI using Apache.  I couldn't find
> > any docs on Apache limiting this restriction on Windows either.
> >
> > As I am concluding CGI feature addition to Tomcat 4, I'm having problem
> > with running perl scripts via Runtime.exec() on Windows.  It works fine
> > on Unix, however, I can't seem to create process using the perl
> > interpreter.  I get IOException error=193 which means "not a valid Win32
> > application."  Perl interpreter is in my PATH, and works fine on command
> > line.  But why not using Runtime.exec()?
> >
> > What's the correct behavior for Apache?  If Apache allows this
> > limitation on Windows, then I guess it's okay to have the same
> > limitation running CGI on tomcat as well.  I'm thinking that not many
> > people use CGI perl on Windows.
> >
> > Amy

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