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From "Carlos Gaston Alvarez" <>
Subject jsp compacter to be released
Date Sat, 26 May 2001 04:25:17 GMT
Hi there,

    I have the jsp compacter running and now I am doing the documentation.
    It is a reader that compact the jsps. It can also compact html.
    It works by taking out the blank spaces of html and javascript. So a jsp
like this

       <!-- comment -->
       <script language="javascript">
               alert( "<%= message %>" );
       <!-- result = <%= result %> -->

will become something like:

<html><body><script language="javascript">
alert( "<%= message %>" );
</script><!-- result = <%= result %> --></body></html>

My stimates is that it 'compacts' about a 10% ratio.

My original idea was to integrate it with tomcat so at load time of the jsp
file it compacts it so the source code is generated over 'compacted' code. I
will do it, but it will take me some time. I have a plan of action.

1 - release it as stand alone aplication.
2 - release it as tag library.
3 - integrate it with jasper.
4 -  ¿¿include another language??

Step one is done.

Step two needs the tag code to be optimized (for not creating so many

Step three ... well I will need some guidance. Anyway, you should be accord.
And of course, it should have configuration so you can turn it on only if
you want to and in the files that you want it.

Step four  ¿velocity?

I was thinking of sending the source at the list, it is about 20K zipped.
Please, I need a committer to tell me wath to do.

Thanks in advance,


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