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From Joco Lopes <>
Subject Help Anyone
Date Wed, 23 May 2001 13:48:01 GMT
I have written a Java app to change messages with an IBM server.
Here´s how it works: it receives a set of parameters and makes a byte array
that is sent via TCP/IP to the IBM server.
If the message is accepted by the server a few seconds latter I get a

I have installed TomCat and it´s working great.
Now here is what I would like to do (ANY HELP IS WELCOME):

Create a JSP page where a user can insert some strings. Then send this
strings to a bean.
Now I would like my IBM Java app  to go to the bean and get the stored
Then I need it to run and get the reply from the server.
After getting the reply from the IBM server I would store the results on a
Then I would send the stored IBM results back up to the Tomcat client.

Here is where I am right now:

the IBM java app is up and running. It is able to change messages with the
IBM server.

on the upper level I have been able to write JSP files deposit string values
(inserted by the user) on a bean.

I also am able to get those values.

Now here is where I really need expert help:

How can I run my java IBM app after depositing the values on the bean, and
how can I send a reply up after getting a result from the IBM server??

Here is a ascii-matic:

TomCat Client -> TomCat -> Bean

now I woud go to the bean and do this:

Bean -> Ibm Java App -> TCP/IP to IBM (send)

then I would get a reply from the IBM server and leave the reply on another

Bean <- Ibm Java App <- TCP/IP to IBM (receive)

And again back to the Tomcat client with a reply:

TomCat Client <- TomCat <- Bean

Again any kind help is welcome because I am doing this alone and I really
need help.
Thanks in advance.


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