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From Brad Cox <>
Subject RE: ServerSocket not being closed properly.
Date Tue, 24 Apr 2001 15:35:58 GMT
At 7:23 AM -0700 04/24/2001, wrote:
>Anyway - a cleaner solution ( IMHO ) is to just set "stoped" and do a
>bogus connection. That's what I did in 3.3 - and seems to work fine.

That does sound better. I really hope this gets nailed ASAP. I 
suspect the present configuration complexity, exacerbated by the lack 
of configuration validation, could be fixed with a simple gui.

This might go far towards turning around the bad press Tomcat has 
been getting of late, but this problem is fatal to gui wrappers.
Brad Cox, Ph.D.;
Phone: 703 361 4751 Cell: 703 919-9623

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