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From "Stefan Busse">
Subject non-ascii characters in URL
Date Wed, 04 Apr 2001 08:49:14 GMT

i have run into a problem with non ascii-url characters.

When there is e.g. the German รค = &auml in an URL,
I have to encode it as follows:

APACHE alone, non-ascii character anywhere:

TOMCAT standalone, non-ascii character anywhere:

APACHE+TOMCAT, non-ascii character in parameters:

Now before you say, this is really getting boring,
watch out:
APACHE+TOMCAT, non-ascii character in URI-part:

Obviously, in the last example, the encoding follows
rather Unicode than ISO-Latin. As this is conflicting
with the "usual" behaviour shown above, I am looking
for a solution for the last case.

Does anybody know a workaround or a version of
apache or tomcat or mod_jk that would solve the problem ?

Your help will be very much appreciated.


BTW I am using:

        tomcat 3.2.1
        apache 1.3.19, connected through mod_jk
        solaris 2.8 on intel
        jdk 1.3 from sun

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