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From "Aleksey Studnev" <>
Subject [BUG Report Tomcat 3.2] Reset connection with client
Date Fri, 27 Apr 2001 07:51:38 GMT
os : windows NT
servlet container : tomcat 3.2 release

	Client wants to re-use socket connection
	for multiple requests from server - it is
	actually a feature of HTTP 1.1. This saves
	time on creating socket object, making
	TCP connection.
	What Tomcat is doing unlike other web servers
	we have ( Apache, Weblogic) is resetting connection
	after every request. The sequence which is seen in
	the network is the following:

	Client -> Connect
	Client -> GET(socket NNN)
	Tomcat -> Response
	Client -> GET(socket NNN)
	Tomcat -> Reset connection <- BUG is HERE!
	Client -> Connect
	Tomcat -> Bind	
	Client -> GET(socket MMM)
	Tomcat -> Response

	You probably do not notice this bug with IE or Netscape
	because they make a new connection on
	every page reload.


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