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From "Vitayaudom, Victor" <>
Subject RE: 5 Patches ...
Date Fri, 06 Apr 2001 15:55:08 GMT

 Resending with file.

Apologize for the err.


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From: Vitayaudom, Victor
To: ''
Sent: 4/2/01 6:52 PM
Subject: 5 Patches ...

Please note patch 1 and especially 4.

Just helping out.

  I'm interested in sending a patches to fix a problem I'm 
  encountering. I'm using jasper save myself deployment time by 
  testing the integrity of the webapp. 

  The simple fix is to replace '-' with '_' with jasper's 


  I currently have a project where a taglib contains a dash for one of 
  its tag elements. e.g.  <cache:clear-cache name=..../> 

  The author of the taglib justly refuses to change the name of the 
  tag element since it is within or not out bounds with the taglib 

  However, jasper creates corresponding java files for these tag
  appending _jspx_th or _jspx_eval to the name. 

  The dash are not allowed in variable assignment and the compiler 

  For org.apache.jasper.runtime.JspWriterImpl 

  my jikes compiler complains of a catch Exception that is never thrown.

  I agree with it and confused by what is to be gained from 

  a try catch around System.getProperty("line.separator") since 
  the value would be null if the value was never assigned. 

  I think the author wanted 
          if (lineSeparator == null) lineSeparator = "\r\n"; 

  However, I fail to see when this situation would occur since 
  each operating system environment would had a VM that would 
  have this value defined.   

patchfile3.txt for org.apache.jasper.runtime.JspFactoryImpl 
  same as JspWriterImpl 


  a. to reduce javadoc warning by including classpath

  b. also the introduction of for centralization of
  customization by using <property file=""/>

  c. Please also note the introduction of sax2.jar and w3cdom2.jar to
  reduce dependency on parser.jar and focus on jaxp.jar

  Analogy.  avoid import java.util.*; 


  import java.util.Vector; ... etc. to what is required.

  So while jaxp-1.1 utilize crimson.jar versus
  jaxp-1.0.2 utilizing parser.jar 

  we don't care because the only important jar files
  for compiling are sax2.jar, w3cdom2.jar, and jaxp.jar.

  The same does not hold true when utilizing jasper to
  convert a jsp into a java file. But that is not the role
  of the cvs rather than the user of the jakarta-tomcat jasper
  functionality to determine which
  he/she wants to use.

  p.s. Currently their is a bug in crimson.jar since it does
  specifcy a necessary DTD method that jasper requires.

  update to src/test/build.xml to also change ${servlet22.jar} to

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