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From Kief Morris <>
Subject Re: Session expiration vs. passivation
Date Mon, 23 Apr 2001 10:03:51 GMT
Craig R. McClanahan typed the following on 04:53 PM 4/22/2001 -0700
>On Sun, 22 Apr 2001, Kief Morris wrote:
>> I'm fixing a problem with PersistentManager which affects how sessions are
>> removed from memory. This will require making a change to StandardSession,
>> which I'd like to get some feedback on. Looking at this issue makes me think
>> that StandardManager is also doing the wrong thing when unloading sessions,
>> namely sending sessionDestroyed() events to listeners.
>You are correct - it should send sessionPassivated() to interested
>listeners, but not sessionDestroyed().  I thought this was fixed quite a
>while ago (and the tester series checks for this).

The tests aren't failing, my comment was based on reading the code. On 
further investigation, sessionDestroyed events are not actually being sent 
when Catalina is shutdown or restarted, because StandardContext removes 
the listeners before calling Manager.stop(). 

So, StandardManager/StandardSession seem to be doing the right thing, but 
the way they work isn't suitable for PersistentManager, which needs to passivate
during normal operation. I'll work on this, making sure the tests work correctly
with both managers before committing.


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