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From "Kyle F. Downey" <>
Subject Re: Solaris Sparc Performance Problem
Date Tue, 24 Apr 2001 00:20:06 GMT
Anne Dirkse wrote:

> Douglas --
> I am experiencing the exact same set of problems, except that I'm just
> beginning to experience them, so I haven't done any real testing to get
> to the specifics of what is going on and the exact performance
> difference that I am experiencing between Solaris and Linux, however,
> there is a noticable slowness even with a single connected client.
>    My setup is:
>     * Solaris 8
>     * All machines also on same 100MB Ethernet
>     * Standalone Tomcat
>     * Using our company's Sparc boxes (500Mhz Sparc) -- only have tried
> these
>     * No performance difference amongst browsers (IE5, Netscape 4.7)
>     * Tried JDK 1.2.2 and 1.3, no difference
>     * Patched Solaris as recommended for Java setup, no difference

By any chance, have you tried hitting the system from another Solaris
box? There is a TCP/IP stack mis-match problem (due to Win32 having a 
less sophisticated implementation) that can cause an idle of up to 0.5


"Only configurations with clients that use a simplistic delayed ACK implementation, 
e.g. Windows/NT, will exhibit the idle time problem when talking to a Solaris server."

They recommend doing the following as root to patch this for Win32 clients:

# ndd -set /dev/tcp tcp_slow_start_initial 2

Give this a shot and let us know if it clears up your problem.


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