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From Martin Dengler <>
Subject Re: CGI support servlet (TC 4) -- feedback wanted
Date Thu, 12 Apr 2001 23:07:45 GMT

    Thanks for the feedback -- I have not been able to finish my changes 
but will take advantage of the upcoming weekend and look forward to 
getting something together for tester.


Amy Roh wrote:

>> Right now they are basically the same scripts that I added to the
>> examples webapp.  So, should I just duplicate the scripts so we have one
>> set in <tomcat-root>/webapps/examples/WEB-INF/cgi-bin and one set in
>> <tomcat-root>/tester/src/bin?  Or would the tester/src/bin/tester.xml
>> simply have some targets which tested the output of some requests to
>> http://server/examples/cgi-bin/cgitester.cgi, etc.?
> I think once the feature is fully implemented, we can work on a tester which tests
> your scripts and add it to our set of tests.  So whenever the tester is ran, we can
> display something like "CGI tests all PASSED" following the current tester style.


>> I have made some more updates which I have not posted yet.  Once I take
>> into account your & others' suggestions, I will update that zip file.  I
>> imagine I can make most of the changes tonight and re-package tomorrow,
>> so hopefully a new one will be up soon.
> Awesome.  Thanks!
> Cheers,
> Amy

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