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From Alec Smecher <>
Subject Tomcat supplying JSP source code
Date Sat, 07 Apr 2001 02:45:11 GMT

I posted this to tomcat-user and didn't hear a peep, so I'll try here.
It looks like a bug, so this is the right place for it too.

If I use Netcat to send a raw request to Tomcat (directly, not thru
apache) that looks like the following:

GET /my/directory/my.jsp
<blank line>

I get the JSP source code spat out at me COMPLETELY unprocessed. (Note
that there should be a content type after the GET <url> command, which
appears to be why this is happening.)

What's going on?

Note: PLEASE email me any responses! I'm not subscribed to the
tomcat-dev mailing list!

Alec Smecher

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