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From Alex Fernández <>
Subject Re: "Just say no to JSP" Re: [Fwd: Tomcat may reveal scriptsource code by URL trickery]
Date Thu, 05 Apr 2001 08:02:40 GMT
Hi Brad!

Brad Cox wrote:
> I should point out at the outset that this isn't to assign blame but
> to point out a problem... namely, the complexity that developers must
> deal with to get a working infrastructure in place. My application
> uses Apache, JServ, Java, and the servlet engine from Tomcat. Period.
> No taglibs, no JSP, no XML, nothing. Yet it took a whole week to get
> even this on the air, even though I've been through the tomcat
> configuration process dozens of time by now and had working config
> files to start with.

I'm about to answer in Jon's favorite manner (hope you don't mind, Jon):
Ok, it seems to be a problem. Why don't you fix it?

> Next problem was various JServ failures, none clearly explained by
> the errors, and none explaining what what was wrong and how to
> correct it in the config files. Then most of the week worrying about
> why Tomcat wasn't recognizing my servlet context.

Would adding a 'try{} catch() {}' help solve your problem?

> I've a bunch of ideas for partial solutions but I'll hold off on
> those to see whether there's any agreement that there's a problem
> here.

Then, turn those ideas into patches and send them along. No need for
agreement, just an itch to scratch.

I don't want to play the wise guy here, it's just that (at last) the
meaning of voluntary work has entered my stubborn head. As in those old
jokes about screwing a bulb: when there's 100 users complaining about a
problem, there's 10 people talking about how to correct it, and one that
actually does something. The volunteer is the 1 in 111 that screws the

For me, Tomcat has worked perfectly (esp. v3.3), and so I cannot justify
my working on it. But, as a consequence, I don't either complain about
the product -- in fact, it's got my highest praises.

Un saludo,


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