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From GOMEZ Henri <>
Subject RE: what is the deal with tomcat 4 and web server connectors??
Date Tue, 24 Apr 2001 21:55:36 GMT
>I think those pieces are very valuable - and instead of 
>implementing the
>AJP13 ( and future 14 ) it would be much better to extract the full
>implementation and make it independent of tomcat3.3


>That would allow to also build a tomcat3.2 adapter ( since 
>most people are
>using 3.2 right now - and changing a production site is a slow process

It will give also to TC 3.2 users a more stable mod_jk and ajp12/ajp13.
Some fixes couldn't be include in mod_jk code for TC 3.2 and would be
here since 3.2.x serie will be updated only for easy bugs fixes, those
without any refactor. 

For example, mod_jk in 3.3 fixe the problem when you restart Tomcat
and use ajp13. In mod_jk for 3.2, you'll need to restart Apache, no
more needed in 3.3.

And that's a mad situation since connectors code which is mainly
native code, could be common to Tomcat Servlet Engines (3.2/3.3).

> Tomcat4 is supposed to be more flexible than 3.x :-) - so 
>creating an
>adapter should be easy ( well, I don't understand most of the 
>4.0 design,
>but I was able to build a prototype adapter - and get ajp13 
>support into
>4.0. Unfortunately my head exploded due to class loading 
>problems - but it
>can be done ).
>So what I would do ( or I'll do :-) is start with a new package, taking
> MessageBytes, MimeHeaders, subset of Request/Response, add an adapter
>interface ( tc3.1 used to have one - but it had a bad design - 
>I can say
>that since I did it ) using a notification model ( for example a
>AdapterListener that will allow the adapter to plug to upper layers )


>Then create interceptors/valves for 3.2, 3.3, 4.0 ( maybe:-) 
>and plug it in.

Yep, get the merge the great ideas of all Tomcat projects 3.2/3.3/4.0

>Of course, this is just an idea - there are many details to 
>discuss ( and other, better ideas - I'm sure of that :-). 

Discussion is open, and it's a good point

>On Tue, 24 Apr 2001, Dan Milstein wrote:
>> One thing which I think would be useful (which I wanted to 
>do myself, but
>> don't think I'll have time to do), would be to write an 
>ajp13 connector for
>> TC 4.  This would allow TC 4 users to use mod_jk as their 
>plugin (which
>> supports iPlanet and IIS).  If you are interested in doing 
>some development,
>> I think that would be an excellent contribution.
>> Steps:
>>  - Take a look through the Ajp13 doc in the 3.3 branch 
>> -- this explains how the protocol works.  
>>  - Review the ajp13 connector code in 3.3
>> (share/org/apache/tomcat/modules/server/ and
>>  - Adapt that code to the TC 4 codebase (basing on HttpConnector, or
>> WarpConnector, possibly).
>> Wins: connect to multiple servers (including netscape and iis), load
>> balancing, debugged C code.
>> Losses: painful to configure
>> Although I don't have time to write this code myself, I can 
>contribute some
>> help (I understand the 3.3 ajp13 code pretty thoroughly).
>> -Dan
>> > Kevin Seguin wrote:
>> > 
>> > i want to move from tomcat 3.x to tomcat 4.  i absolutely 
>must be able to
>> > use tomcat 4 with netscape/iplanet and microsoft (iis) web 
>servers.  as
>> > near as i can tell, the only connector that will be 
>available in the
>> > foreseeable future is for apache 1.3.  is this true?
>> > 
>> > i have come across very little (almost no) information 
>regarding this new
>> > webapp lib (which appears to be undergoing some significant change
>> > recently) and the warp thing...  does *anybody* have 
>anything to share??
>> > i'm willing to help out with connector development, or 
>even write my own
>> > connectors...  if i could only figure out where to start...

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