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From GOMEZ Henri <>
Subject RE: Bugs <500
Date Mon, 23 Apr 2001 21:24:26 GMT
>345 - Date header
>348 - Security roles 
>375 - // security checking - revert to paranoid path checks

>454 - mod_jk spawning (hunged ) apache processes when tomcat is down 
>     ( maybe later - tomcat should be running or be restart )

#454 (mod_jk bug spawns unlimited rogue Apache processes BugRat Report#776)

If #454 is related to apache behaviour when tomcat was restarted, this
one is allready fixed (but I couldn't locate the bug id in nagoya).
It was my fixe in two time (one for get, then for post in jk13_worker)


When a JSP Page that has an error is refreshed, and the Tomcat engine has
been shutdown, an Internal Server error is produced and a seperate Apache
processes is spawned, irregardless of the limit of Apache servers. We had
set the limit of 10 servers for Apache to be initialized, and were able to
open 80 additional instances of Apache by hitting refresh. This consumed
nearly all system resources and made the entire system practically unusable.


If someone could send an example, I'll check that on my TC 3.3 with latest

>486 - rusian in jsp @include
>There are 8 jasper bugs I think we should leave open, I wouldn't change
>jasper before refactoring:
>75 - translation time attrs
>105 - custom tag attrs
>143 - tag handlers
>360 - jsp:include expressions
>366 - doAfterBody if no body
>376 - Jsp error messages in some cases ( no setter )
>387 - special tokens in tag name ( extend to jsp files )
>412 - JSPC and \ paths ( it may be easy to fix )
>4 bugs are fixed in 3.3, we should close them:
>149 - log, fixed
>295 - config generation, fixed
>296 - "can't happen", fixed
>485 - cookies, fixed
>Also, 4 bugs I don't think we'll cover in 3.3:
>166 - spaces on nt ( has workarounds )
>962 - redirect sys out, err; config in server.xml, rotate ( RFE )
>471 - mod_jk and spaces in dir name on windows ( has workarounds )

#471 (blank space in tomcat_home directory path) BugRat Report#797)


   I am trying to make Tomcat as NT service. It works fine when tomcat_home
directory(in file) is a continuous string. But, it does
not work when I use the directory name with a blank space in between. For
example, it works if the tomcat_home  directory path is 
    c: \jakartatomcathome\ 
but causes problem if it is 
    c: \jakarta tomcat home\ 


I'm not using Tomcat under Windows but having tomcat under c:\tomcat\ 
and having mentioned in doc will fixes the problem. Are you sure it's
to mod_jk ?

>112 - BAT script on windows - bin/ as default 

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