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From GOMEZ Henri <>
Subject RE: Patch suggestions mod_jk/ajp13
Date Mon, 23 Apr 2001 11:39:22 GMT
Hi Rainer,

Thanks for the patches :

>I participated in the mod_jk fdatasync discussion on Friday. I 
>have 4 more 
>mod_jk/ajp13 patches on my personal wishlist. 

Since nobody object, I removed the fdatasync from log :)

>The first three 
>(these are 
>mod_jk patches) apply to 3.2.2 as well as to 3.3-milestone2. 
>The fourth 
>(which is the tomcat ajp13 patch)  is already fixed in 3.3, 
>but not in 3.2.2.

Could you use next time, diff -Nru, since it's much more easy
to see the differences...

>I describe the four and add some diff-output for 3.2.2-beta2. 
>I'm not an 
>experienced Java/C-developper, so do not blindly use the code, 
>although all 
>patches are very small.
>1) In jk_ajp12_worker.c the HTTP return reason phrase (the text that 
>belongs to the numeric status, like "OK" for "200") is not 
>handled correct. 
>If the phrase consists of more than one token, like "Not 
>Found", only the 
>first token is read from tomcat and returned to the client. 
>(change two 
>lines, add 5 lines)

Seems good to me 
>2) I suggest adding a timestamp to mod_jk-logging in 
>jk_util.c. Logging 
>without a timestamp is not very useful. (change 1 line, add 2 lines)

Allready present in tomcat 3.3 CVS

>3) I think in jk_uri_worker_map.c is a little bug. For me it 
>loggs (very 
>rarely) "NULL parameters" and looking at the code I can see, 
>that the two 
>places are exactly those, where the code does not return 
>before the log 
>statement, even if it succesfully completes the call. All other places 
>where "NULL parameters" could be logged first try to do something 
>successful, if yes return, if no do logging. So I think one gets the 
>logging although it should not have happened. (delete 4 lines, 
>change 3 
>lines, add 1 line)

Never saw these NULL that but I cleanup a little jk_uri_worker_map

>4) In the http reason phrase is 
>missing in the 
>returned status line. The change that has been done to tomcat 
>3.3 milestone 
>2, and maybe could be added to 3.2.2 also. (change 1 line)
>Maybe some of these could go into 3.2.2 or 3.3?

3.2.x tree is closed and only bug fixes will be included.
All majors updates to mod_jk must be in 3.3 tree !!!

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