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From GOMEZ Henri <>
Subject RE: [3.3] Release request
Date Mon, 23 Apr 2001 11:37:16 GMT
As a RPM packager I'd like ALSO having .tar.gz archive URL access like :

It's the case for 3.2.x but not each time in 4.0/3.3.

It allow RPM/DEBIAN? packagers all the version archives under the same
sub-dirs (ie

Having the untarred datas under jakarta-tomcat-version-src (Jon),
but I'll be for using jakarta-tomcat-version (ant, oro, regexp, Apache HTTPD
server, ....)
>Minor request:
>When you guys make releases of 3.3, could you please tar them 
>up so that the
>untared directory name is "jakarta-tomcat-3.3-VERSION" instead 
>of just plain
>old "tomcat"? :-)
>For example, if the .tar.gz is called: 
>"jakarta-tomcat-3.3-m2.tar.gz" the
>directory that would end up creating should be called
>"jakarta-tomcat-3.3-m2", not "tomcat".

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