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From chang su <>
Subject an option for servletrunner
Date Tue, 24 Apr 2001 18:54:51 GMT

I'm using JSDK2.0. I want to find an option for
servletrunner when running a servlet using
servletrunner. I'm trying to ignore JIT warning
message during running time. I need use Sun JAXP1,1
which is a XML parser and transformer in my coding. 
Some warning message always show up in the output
during running time:

A nonfatal internal JIT (4.00.010(x)) error
'Structured Exception(c0000005)' has occurred in:
(Z)Z': Interpreting method.
            Please e-mail this message along with
reproduciable sample to

Sun support told me that if I can use java
-Djava.compiler=NONE  <classname>  or JDK1.3 this
warnning message won't show up. 

However I'm using servlet JSDK2.0 and jdk1.2. Is there
an option I can use to avoid this warnning message?



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