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From Pogo Com <>
Subject [PATCH] mod_jk timestamp and process id logging
Date Sun, 22 Apr 2001 17:10:06 GMT
>2) I suggest adding a timestamp to mod_jk-logging in jk_util.c. Logging 
>without a timestamp is not very useful. (change 1 line, add 2 lines)

Yes, this is a must-have...  the other thing that is really useful is the
Apache child process id.  That way if one process gets stuck, you can get the
id from the Apache mod_status, and grep the mod_jk.log for that pid to see
where it is.  Attached is another version of the patch that adds both,
relative to 3.3-m2.

This was the only way that I could figure out that Tomcat didn't have enough
threads in its thread pool for my Apache config!


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