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From Earl.Stu...@EAS.San-Jose.CA.US
Subject Re: "Just say no to JSP" Re: [Fwd: Tomcat may reveal script source code by URL trickery]
Date Wed, 04 Apr 2001 23:59:56 GMT
An alternative view!

On  4 Apr, Brad Cox wrote:
> At 11:24 AM -0700 04/04/2001, Jon Stevens wrote:
>>I love the article title:
>>"Just say no to JSP"
I am really sorry to see folks coming on this list, and also publishing
to the general web articles deriding JSP and tomcat in particular. I
have apache-1.3.19 with tomcat-3.2.2b running behind it just fine using
mod_jk. The application running is an apache soap server This is on a
redhat 6.2 box. I also have tomcat-4.0 running on port 7070 at the same
time where I am doing development on a secure email application. I have
moved my email app back and forth between TC3.2 and TC4.0 with no
problems. I just drop the war file in the webapps directory and tomcat
does the rest.

I do have all the latest jar files from SUNW, and jakarta-apache. So I
don't know what the problems could be. My only complaints would be not
enough debug tools around to be able to single step through new code
when you are having problems, but I consider that minor at this point,
given where the tomcat development cycle is.

I think the tomcat developers for all their good work.

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