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From Mel Martinez <>
Subject Jasper34 refactoring proposal status
Date Wed, 04 Apr 2001 21:42:34 GMT
Hi folks,

First, I want to apologize for how long it has taken
me to get this proposal done.  There have been
external factors beyond my control, but requiring my
time (more on that below).

The good news, is that it is almost done.  Also, the
level of detail should lend itself to rapid
implementation (by doing the high-level design in
Together, many of the classes are already coded and at
least stubbed).  Also, it should be possible to
develop this completely in parallel with no impact on
the current JspServlet.  Also, I should shortly have
lotsa time to devote to this.

The bad news is that the external factors are that my
company's equivalent of Daddy Warbucks (our funding
source) has gotten cold feet and I am about to become
a statistic of the fall of the dot-com economy.  :-| 
Hence the sudden 'free time'...

Should any of you know of an opening for a senior java
developer/architect/CTO/director of development
type-person, feel free to contact me and I'll be glad
to share my resume'.  My preference is for product
development and I have a high interest in building
development tools/frameworks and distributed
architectures, but I'd love to hear about any
interesting opportunity.  We currently live in
Baltimore, MD, but would consider relocating for the
right opportunity.

Also, if anybody can point me towards sites with info
and help on being an independent contractor, I'd
appreciate the tips.

Okay, sorry about the off-topic - I realize this stuff
better belongs on a Job-posting board.

I'll get back to the UML diagrams now.  :-)


Dr. Mel Martinez

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