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From "Amy Roh" <>
Subject Re: Future of Filter?
Date Tue, 24 Apr 2001 22:04:53 GMT
Servlet spec 2.3 has changed to support init(FilterConfig config) and
destroy() methods instead of getFilterConfig() and
setFilterConfig(FilterConfig config) after discussion to change filter cycle
to be similar to the servlet life cycle in the expert group.  The recent
changes will be reflected in the new Proposed Final Draft 2 (which will be
available to public very soon).  So TC4 is up to date with the recent spec.


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From: "Bob Jamison" <>
To: <>
Sent: Tuesday, April 24, 2001 9:10 AM
Subject: Q: Future of Filter?

> Hey, all, I have a minor question about TC4, if anyone knows,
> cool, if not, oh, well.    ;-)
> (Actually, I am probably just overlooking something obvious)
> In the public drafts of 2.3 and in the Tomcat examples, I have
> seen various specifications of Filter.  Is the spec going to
> move toward Tomcat (since it is the testbed impl) or will Tomcat's
> impl change?
> For example, currently in the examples, it is defined as having 3 methods:
> public void init(FilterConfig config);
> public void doFilter(ServletRequest req,ServletResponse resp,FilterChain
> chain);
> public void destroy();
> While in the final draft it is:
> public void FilterConfig getFilterConfig();
> public void setFilterConfig(FilterConfig config);
> public void doFilter(ServletRequest req,ServletResponse resp,FilterChain
> chain);
> They are identical in function, except for destroy().
> I can see some benefit in keeping destroy(),  since the Filter might
> have allocated a lot of resources, (such as an XSLT transformer), but the
> other differences  seem to be merely preference.
> Just wondering, as I am still becoming acquainted with the new stuff in
> Bob

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