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From "Punky Tse" <>
Subject Re: mod_webapp & APR
Date Thu, 19 Apr 2001 02:38:58 GMT
APR is not a feature of Apache 2.0, but a library/shared object/DLL that
Apache 2.0 makes use to.  It provides a bundle of functions like file I/O,
sockets, IPC, threading, etc.   While the API is in C, it is portable to
almost all platforms, even the oddest OS/2 and BeOS.

In C world, it is a very essential and critical component to build large
piece of software (like DBMS) that support multiple platforms.  Mozilla has
NSPR that does the same stuff, and that's why you can see that Mozilla (and
Apache of course) is available in most platforms.


> Hi,
> I'm not too familiar with APR, so forgive me if this is a stupid
> question ;-)
> If APR is an Apache 2.0 feature, does this mean that mod_webapp will
> only work with Apache 2.0?
> If so - what then for Apache 1.3 connectivity to tomcat 4?
> -Thom
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