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From "Amy Roh" <>
Subject Re: Tester (was: cvs commit: ...etc)
Date Wed, 18 Apr 2001 19:16:19 GMT
> I had problems getting the tester going (and gave up on it a few times
> because it seems that, on win2k at least, there are some manual steps
> must be carried out. In particular, tester.bat tells the code to expect
> to be in %catalina_home%/bin, but the build process does not copy it
> The same is true for the tester webapp. Should this be handled by the
> or documented, or did I miss something?

Yeah, I initially had problems running tester as well since build itself
doesn't copy files into %catalina_home%/bin (and manually doing it sucks).
On Win2k,
    cd tester
    build deploy-main

will copy the code into %catalina_home%/bin.  It works great!


> Kief

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