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From "Ben Hutchison" <>
Subject Tomcat & Apache experiences
Date Thu, 19 Apr 2001 13:18:10 GMT
Hi all,

I have been trying to set an Apache server with Tomcat under Windows. It hasnt been as easy
as it could be. I have a few issues with both distributions and docs which Im going to describe

First up, I tried running Tomcat 4.0b3 with Apache. 

It requires the user to build mod_webapp. I tried with Cygwin gcc and it failed. I think it
would greatly ease uptake and user testing of Tomcat 4.0 betas if a Windows binary was provided
by somebody who knows how to build it. Windows doesnt have the default tool support or culture
of unixes for easy building of C source. The most popular windows compiler, Visual C++, isnt
freely available. Under windows, you cant just type "make all" and expect it to work on a
standard machine like you can on UNIX. 

So then I fell back to Tomcat 3.2.1. 

It seems that the bin/startup.bat and bin/tomcat.bat scripts are broken by default. They specify
Tomcat_Home as '.', the current cirectory, not '..', the parent.

I found duplication in the Tomcat documentation on Apache integration which confused me. In
the main user guide, could a link be placed across to Tomcat-Apache How To, rather than the
current superceeded section text?

I went to JServ and downloaded the windows .exe installer to get the jserv DLL. It demanded
the location of the JSDK directory, (which no longer exists?) and then deleted all its files
when I didnt provide it. Workaround: I re-ran it and killed the process when it had unpacked
the files.

After that it worked fine.


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