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From "Karthik" <>
Subject Project NoN Functional (TOMCAT 4.x)
Date Mon, 23 Apr 2001 14:05:08 GMT
Respected Sir

  We the Group of S/w  People are into development of  Pure Intranet Java solutions for Different
 WEB Containers / RDBMS  on Different  Platform factors.
 Untill Version of  TOMCAT 3.2 ,Our project Bundle worked with out any problems.
 On release of 4.x Our group tends to move into latest version (from TOMCAT 3.2  to 4.X ),found
sever problems with installation of our bundled S/w  package.
Also TOMCAT 4.x refuses to serve the Client with non of the pages except for the LOG on SCREEN.

  Our S/w bundel is arranged under TOMCAT 3.x as in fasion given below.

       I_ eHRIS
                   I_ _ jsp ( all JSP files) (creates implecit sessions)
                   I_ _ images (all Images)       
                   I_ _ CSS     (all CSS files )
                   I_ _ WEB -INF
                                      I_ _ LIB  (  ALL  3rd party  JDBC TYPE  IV DRIVERS)
                                      I_ _ _CLASSES       
                                                            I_ _ SYNTAXPROJ
                                                                                I_ _ SYNCONN
(classes which performs JDBC connetions ,thread pools, ect....)       
                                                                                I_ _ SYBUSOBJ
( classes for creation of Busobjs)
                                                                                I_ _ SYDATABASE
   I_ _ SYNQUERY ( class files for Query)
   I_ _ SYNUPINST ( class files for Update / Insert)      

                The Main features of our S/w Bundle are.
                Our Intranet S/w makes use of Implecit sessions created inside the JSP Pages
to TRACK and Forward relevent Info in and out of Application.
                We also have an JDBC ENGINE which does all the connection/Tx/RX 0f Data between
the JSP to JAVA CLASS files and RDBMS ones.
                working platform = windows NT / LINUX
                working RDBMS = MSACCESS / MYSQL / ORACLE / MSSQL
                 HELP requested in areas. ???

                1)  I have also Attached a copy of Error saying  Vector Object used to create
sessions not avaliable " Please have a look and reply on 
                2)  Also with existing bundle on TOMCAT 3.x Could any of u people explain
to me in simple steps to Configure with APACHE (an example  would give correct pichure )
                3) Creation os SSI for the existing bundle os S/w (both  TOMCAT / APACHE configuration

              So in this situation Please Adviseus how to port our S/w Bundel to new TOMCAT
4.x with out major changes applicable into our bundle.

    Thanx in advance


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