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From "Carlos Gaston Alvarez" <>
Subject RE: 'Just say no to JSP' Re: [Fwd: Tomcat may reveal script source code by URL trickery]
Date Sun, 08 Apr 2001 00:46:57 GMT
> With my team, I try to stress that JSPs can (and
> actually should) be used to implement both View and
> Control aspects of MVC and to address this we have
> adopted (hopefully) strong standards for how we do JSP
> development.  There is more to it, but basically we
> conceptually separate JSPs into four basic roles:
> presentation control, presentation content, request
> filtering and pure business.  We then enforce naming
> conventions and required strategies to development of
> JSPs in these roles.  I don't claim this is ideal, but
> it seems to work very well.
I use jsp only to show data (when possible). I do the control at a servlet.



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