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From "Mike Anderson" <>
Subject The available method for ServletInputStream subclasses (tomcat_32 branch)
Date Wed, 14 Mar 2001 23:50:50 GMT
In working with some internal groups, we have some classes that perform file uploads (anyone
heard of GroupWise Webaccess?).  One of the things they have done in their servlets that handle
this is call the available method on the ServletInputStream so that they can delay the thread
for a small amount of time if there isn't anything available to be read from the socket. 
This allows the machine and other threads to do other processing, and allows the thread that
wants to read the data to gracefully handle a client prematurely shutting down the connection.
 This functionality works on other servlet engines (JServ, WebSphere, Novell Servlet Gateway)
but doesn't work on Tomcat because the available() method was never implemented in any of
the subclasses.  So when availabe() is called, it just resolves down to
which is documented as returning 0 because subclasses should override this method.  There
are 2 ways to fix this:

1.  In BufferedServletInputStream, implement an available() method that returns limit-bytesRead
or 0 whichever is greater.  The limit class variable is set to the value of the Content-Length
header and bytesRead is the number of bytes read since limit was set.  (See the attached patch).
 This is the easy fix but doesn't address the feature of available that says it will return
the number of bytes that can be read "without blocking".  Obviously, if there is a large amount
of data, a read will most likely block at some point depending on how much is asked for.

2.  Update BufferedServletInputStream to call reqA.available and then update the following
files to provide this interface:
Each of these classes would need to provide an appropriate available() method.

I'm willing to figure this out and implement #2 if it is deemed the better approach and only
provided #1 because it was a "quick" fix.  I'm also willing to figure this out for the 3.3
tree for either implementation.  I would like to get it into the 3.2.2 branch since that is
what most of use here are currently using.

Any response (other than flames:-) appreciated.

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