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Subject Re: [TC3.3] lib/shared -> lib/apps change
Date Sun, 04 Mar 2001 22:08:31 GMT
Hi Mel,

> I notice that you've renamed the
> 'TOMCAT_HOME/lib/shared' directory to
> 'TOMCAT_HOME/lib/apps' (as well as created a new
> 'container' subdirectory and rearranged the jar
> contents a bit.).

Yes, I sent the proposal few weeks ago and nobody 
said -1. It's mostly a cosmetic change.

> In light of this, I'll revise
> org.apache.tomcat.startup.Main so that the
> configuration property used to set the classpath for
> classes shared amongs applications from the current
> "org.apache.tomcat.shared.classpath" to
> "org.apache.tomcat.apps.classpath".

Sure. We also need to update the docs.


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