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Subject Re: Proposed change
Date Sun, 04 Mar 2001 00:10:28 GMT
> Costin,
> I would strongly vote for turning the auto-config back on by default for the
> following reasons (other than the fact that I explicity turned it back on
> when Keith fixed the ApacheConfig class):

You don't need a "strong" vote - I'll do the change :-)

>  2) Configuration of mod_jk is notoriously complicated.  Giving people the
> auto generated file is a big, big win.

Wouldn't be enough to add a simple command line option ?

For example, we have now a -enableAdmin ( to turn "trusted" on 
the /admin app ).

We could add a "-generateConfig" - and everyone can be happy.
( plus - you'll not have problems with overriting the files )

( unless you change your mind and agree with -generateConfig I'll just
re-add the default behavior )


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