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Subject Re: Some benchmarks
Date Sat, 03 Mar 2001 14:59:47 GMT
> I need to choose for my company the "next generation" servlet-engine.
> For now we are using JRUN. I am doing benchmark to choose the next one.
> choices for me are : JRUN, RESIN... not Tomcat as it is considered not
> stable 
> and slow compare to the two others...

What version of tomcat did you test ?

Tomcat 3.3 should be close to Jrun and resin as speed - probably 
in 20..30% range. 

Again - it can serve servlets and Jsps faster than Apache1.3 
is serving static files - if Apache is fast enough for you,
tomcat will not be the problem. 

( assuming of course the right VM and configuration :-) 

> In these tests JRUN and Resin perform equally. Tomcat is get out of
> memory, is slow compared to the other and sometimes even crashed the
> JVM.

Crashing the VM is a VM problem :-)

Regarding memory usage - tomcat 3.3 creates about 10 objects per
request ( compared with few hundreds in 3.1 ).


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