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From Pilho Kim <>
Subject multibyte-query-string workaround
Date Fri, 23 Mar 2001 06:50:47 GMT

For my case, Internet Explorer is setted so that it converts
every URI string to a URL-encoded UTF8 string and sends it to server.
But it sends query-string "as is" (this is, an array of bytes).

HTTP demon (or servlet engine) should interprete
the URL-encoded URI string as the most suitable one.

For Tomcat & Apache co-work case, the URI string is not
interpreted well.

So, I have made a "multibyte-query-string workaround"
for Tomcat & Apache.

(See )

Although the workaround is not complete, but it works well
(in almost case) at least for "EUC-KR" charset.


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