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From "Kevin Jones" <>
Subject Still have XML loading problems
Date Fri, 23 Mar 2001 18:53:24 GMT

I'm playing with the 22nd March drop of Catalina, and I've come across a
scenario where the new classloading architecture doesn't quite work.

I'm using Xerces and Xalan (although Xalan is irrelevant to this). If I
access a servlet that uses XML and I don't put Xerces in my
web-app/myapp/lib my code fails (exactly what I'd expect). If I put
Xerces.jar into web-app/myapp/lib it works, again what I'd expect.

However, if I put my XML code into an application listener then Jasper fails
to load - I get a Security Exception, sealing violation, while it's load the
'jsp' servlet. It seems that what's happening is that my listener loads,
loads Xerces and executes OK. The jsp Servlet then tries to load
crimson/JAXP and *bang* sealing violation.

Sorry about this - the XML stuff had been going so well until then!

Kevin Jones

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