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From "Kevin Jones" <>
Subject RE: Still have XML loading problems
Date Sat, 24 Mar 2001 07:50:15 GMT

bear with my ignorance of how Catalina works at this point.
I'm assuming that the JSP servlet compiles the 'raw' JSP->XML->Java and then
compiles this to a .class file.

Why does the Jasper class-loader delegate to the web-apps classloader, isn't
the Jasper step entirely independent. If so, couldn't the JSP servlet create
its own CL that doesn't delegate to the webapps loader, but delegates
straight to the shared classloader. In fact we could take tools.jar off-of
the classpath and make it available to this classloader only.

So the Jasper CL would pick up tools.jar, crimson.jar and jaxp.jar and
everything from my webapp lib and classes, but doesn't delegate to the
webapp CL. This should have the effect of making Jasper independent of my
webapp CL.

The other CLs would work the same.

It makes the CL architecture slightly more complicated (but it already is

Will this work?

Another thought. If Jasper is a two step process (.jsp->XML, XML->Java) as
step 1, java->.class as step 2, only the first step needs an XML parser, can
we isolate that first step with a separate CL?

Kevin (waiting to be shot down in flames) Jones

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