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From Steve Downey <>
Subject RE: [PATCH] Bug 841 - JSPC stack fault on NT
Date Mon, 05 Mar 2001 13:36:07 GMT
That's because in the JspEngineContext it gets to work purely URI name
space, not filesystem name space. It never gets file names, just URI's that
address jsp pages.

JSPC 'knows' that it's in filesystem space, and does things like parse the
file names for directories, looking for one that contains a WEB-INF. Now, NT
is actually agnostic about '/' and '\', but I'm not sure about 98 et al. It
seemed to me to be safer to convert it when it comes into the context rather
than outside it.

I should get to the <jsp:include> problems next. I'm using the heuristic
that JspC should be able to compile the example webapps. I'm not sure how to
structure that as a test, yet, though.

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Sent: Saturday, March 03, 2001 4:56 AM
Subject: Re: [PATCH] Bug 841 - JSPC stack fault on NT (Steve Downey) writes:
> Under NT (and presumably any OS where File.sep != '/') JspC has a stack
> underflow at baseDirStack.peek() in This patch
> converts from '\' to '/' for those cases. It also sets the package name
> the class based on the URI, so that the java file is distinguished from
> others with the same name.

The problem with '\' as the filename seperator instead of '/' also
causes problems with "<jsp:include>", relative paths and JspC (see
Bugzilla #412).

I suggested there that it might be possible to just convert the '\'
into '/' before passing into CommandLineContext (in JspC).  This is
really what happens when running within Tomcat -- the path passed into
JspEngineContext has '/', not the local file seperator.

Unfortunately, I don't have a patch, as I'm not organised enough to get
a build environment running so I can test.

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