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From Remy Maucherat <>
Subject RE: Any plan to support status 304 ?
Date Fri, 23 Mar 2001 22:23:03 GMT
Quoting "Ignacio J. Ortega" <>:

> Hola a todos, Remy: 
> > All HTTP/1.1 ifs headers should be supported in 4.0, as well as
> ranged
> > requests (for resuming), and many other things.
> After too much reading on HTTP RFC specs, and many documents around
> that, i see no problems on implementing ifs honoring on Tomcat 3.3 as
> HTTP 1.0 RFC it's only a ground base for old HTTP implementations not a
> real RFC  as HTTP 1.1 has.. What do you think?

I think to be consistent, you should only implement HTTP/1.0 features.
The only if header required in HTTP/1.0 is if-modified-since.

HTTP/1.1 requires stuff in both the connector and the static page server 
(servlet or interceptor).

> As an aside where it's this code on Tomcat 4.0 ?  

In the default servlet, and it's not very optimized, esp when dealing with the 
complex cases (which I think is ok, since most cases will be GET with perhaps a 


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