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From Casey Lucas <>
Subject Re: Tag pooling impl.
Date Tue, 27 Mar 2001 16:55:28 GMT

Hey Costin, wrote:
> Hi Casey,
> There is a small problem when building with jikes. The
> TagPoolInterceptor depends on jasper runtime, which depend on the servlet
> api - I think it should be moved into the facade ( for now ). We do need a
> serious refactoring of jasper - and that would clarify a lot of
> things. There is no problem with javac, since it doesn't use
> "strict" rules.

Sorry about that.  I normally don't use jikes, but I should have at least
tested with it.

What platforms to most people test with before commiting code?  I mean
besides watchdog and such.  i.e.  jdk version, jdk vendor, os,
etc.?  Just curious.

> I'll do the move if you don't mind. I like the idea of having a general
> and facade-independent pool mechanism, but we can do that later.

I definately don't mind.  True a more general pooling mechanism would
probably be better.  Baby steps for me... just getting my feet wet. :)
Thanks for your help.


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